Fresh Eggs and Dog Beds 4

After seven years hard work renovating Glenmadrie, a ramshackle farmhouse in the rural west of Ireland, Nick and Lesley Albert can finally relax and enjoy the quiet life they had planned. Now they can spend their days gardening, writing and taking long walks through the beautiful scenery of County Clare, alongside their boisterous but lovable dogs. But, although the years ahead may look sunny, there are dark clouds building just beyond the horizon.

Will love and good humour see them through these testing times, or will their dream life end in tears?


In this fourth episode of the Albert’s idiosyncratic and jolly rural adventures, they acquire two stray cats, a drowsy mink and a very special dog. They also make several new friends, encounter a ghostly apparition, meet a mysterious spy, spar with a sozzled motorist, find a fearless lumberjack and dispatch some unwelcome visitors. Along with enduring hurricanes, floods, droughts and snow, the plucky couple learn to focus on the important things in life, like good health, family, pets and discovering how many chickens you can fit in a tent!

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